Science and Babies:: Private Decisions, Public Dilemmas

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By all indicators, the reproductive health of Americans has been deteriorating since 1980. Our nation is troubled by rates of teen pregnancies and newborn deaths that are worse than almost all others in the Western world. "Science and Babies" is a straightforward presentation of the major reproductive issues we face that suggests answers for the public. The book discusses how the clash of opinions on sex and family planning prevents us from making a national commitment to reproductive health; why people in the United States have fewer contraceptive choices than those in many other countries; what we need to do to improve social and medical services for teens and people living in poverty; how couples should "shop" for a fertility service and make consumer-wise decisions; and what we can expect in the future - featuring interesting accounts of potential scientific advances.
Autor: Institute Of Medicine
by Suzanne Wymelenberg for the Institute of Medicine

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Autor: Institute Of Medicine
ISBN-13 :: 9780309041362
ISBN: 0309041368
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.1990
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