Notes on Blood Meridian

Revised and Expanded Edition
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John Sepich
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226x152x18 mm
Southwestern Writers Collection Series, Wittliff Collections at Texas State University

Now back in print with a new preface and two new essays--the essential guide and companion to Blood Meridian, Cormac McCarthy's acclaimed novel of the Old West that has been compared to the work of Dante, Homer, Melville, and Faulkner.
Foreword by Edwin T. Arnold; Preface; Acknowledgments1. Introductions: The Problem of Information; Three Sections; Scalp Hunting and the Glanton Gang; Indian Haters2. Biographies: Reverend Green; Judge Holden; Captain White; John Joel Glanton; Albert Speyer; Consul Bennett Riddells; Governor Angel Trias; Grannyrat; Bathcat; Mangas Colorado; Sarah Borginnis; Yuma Chiefs; Callaghan3. Settings and Sources: Leonids; Comanche Attack; Ciboleros; Hueco Tanks; Jesus Maria; Wild Bull; Meteorite; June 11, 1850; Fort Griffin; Chamberlain; Ruxton; Hobbs; Audubon; Bartlett; Wislizenus; Hughes; Mayne Reid; Dobie; Ober; Bourke4. Addenda: Languages: Spanish, French, German; Map Citations; Essays5. Tarot and Divination6. Judge Holden's Gunpowder7. Knitting the Winds8. Why Believe the Judge?9. Concordances: Narrative Voice; Wolves; Apes; Smiles and Laughter; Egg and Dome; Fools and Crazies; Hallucinatory Void; Celestial; Marine; Carnival; Religious; Ritual, Music, and Dance; Chance, Fortune, and Deception; "Knitting the Winds" Concordances: Reins, Strap, String, Thread; "As if ... in a dream"; The Kid Helps; Look ... Look Away; Horses Shy, Horses Steady; Agency, Commitment, Witness10. Massacre Accounts: New York Daily Tribune; William Carr's Los Angeles Deposition; Daily Alta CaliforniaBibliography; Index

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