Materials, Methods, and Masterpieces of Medieval Art

Praeger Series on the Middle A
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During the Middle Ages, embellishment was applied to buildings, objects, and bodies, and ornament was abundant and opulent. Colorful paintings, mosaics, and tapestries covered walls; stained glass glittered in windows; gems and enamel sparkled on objects exquisitely crafted of gold and silver. Members of the upper class adorned themselves in elegant attire, the clergy donned sumptuous ecclesiastical vestments, and elaborate armor was the ultimate military mode.
A comprehensive and informed analysis explores the startlingly diverse and sophisticated fine arts in the Middle Ages.

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Autor: Janetta Rebold Benton
ISBN-13 :: 9780275994181
ISBN: 027599418X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.08.2009
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