Dancing Class: Gender, Ethnicity, and Social Divides in American Dance, 1890-1920

Unnatural Acts
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"Tomko blazes a new trail in dance scholarship by interconnecting U.S.History and dance studies.... the first to argue successfully that middle-class U.S.women promoted a new dance practice to manage industrial changes, crowded urbanliving, massive immigration, and interchange and repositioning among differentclasses." -- Choice
From salons to dance halls to settlementhouses, new dance practices at the turn of the century became a vehicle forexpressing cultural issues and negotiating matters of gender. By examining masternarratives of modern dance history, this provocative and insightful bookdemonstrates the cultural agency of Progressive-era dance practices.
Autor: Linda J. Tomko
Linda J. Tomko is Associate Professor of Dance at the University of California, Riverside. She is President of the Society of Dance History Scholars and Co-Director of the annual Stanford University Summer Workshop in Baroque Dance. In 1997 she won the Gertrude Lippincott Prize, awarded by SDHS, for her article "Fete Accompli," published in Corporealities.

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Autor: Linda J. Tomko
ISBN-13 :: 9780253213273
ISBN: 0253213274
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