Women in Latin America and the Caribbean: Restoring Women to History

Restoring Women to History
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"These four volumes in this major series... provide a single-sourcereference to the status of the field of women's history and to ways that the fieldcan be expanded.... A basic set for all academic libraries." -- Library JournalAcademic Newswire
Examining the role of women and gender ideologyduring the pre-contact and colonial periods in Latin America, Navarro looks at earlyindigenous societies as well as the Spanish and the Portuguese who claimed the"New World." S nchez Korrol considers the shifts in women's roles betweenthe 1880s and 1930s and accompanying societal transformations.
Autor: Marysa Navarro, Virginia Sanchez Korrol, Kecia Ali
Marysa Navarro is Charles Collis Professor of History and chair of the Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies Program at Dartmouth College. She has written a biography of Eva Peron, on the feminist movement in Latin America, the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, and on women and democracy in Latin America.Virginia Sa(accute)nchez Korrol is professor and chairperson of the Department of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies, and director of the Center for Latino Studies at Brooklyn College, City University of New York. She has written numerous book chapters on U. S. Latinas. She is best known for From Colonia to Community: The History ofPuerto Ricans in New York City. More recently she co-edited Recovering the U. S. Hispanic Literary Heritage.Kecia Ali is in Duke University's graduate program in religion. She is the author of "The Historiography of Women in Modern Latin America: An Overview and Bibliography of the Recent Literature" in the Duke University of North Carolina Program in Latin American Studies working paper series.

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Autor: Marysa Navarro
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