Franchthi Neolithic Pottery, Volume 2: The Later Neolithic Ceramic Phases 3 to 5

10, Excavations at Franchthi Cave,
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Preface Chapter One, Background for the Study Chapter Two, The later Neolithic Contexts Chapter Three, Franchthi Ceramic Phase 3 (FCP3): The Pottery Chapter Four, Franchthi Ceramic Phase 4 (FCP4): The Pottery Chapter Five, Franchthi Ceramic Phase 5 (FCP5): The Pottery Chapter Six, The Implications of the Pottery Analysis Document 1, Franchthi Clay (FC) Objects Document 2, Post-Neolithic Franchthi by James A. Dengate Bibliography Index Tables Plans Figures Plates
This fascicle completes the presentation of the ceramic remains from theFranchthi Cave excavations.
Autor: Karen D. Vitelli
Karen D. Vitelli is Professor of anthropology at Indiana University and Director of the Franchthi Project.

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Autor: Karen D. Vitelli
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