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Indiana Series in Middle East
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Table of Contents: Acknowledgments Introduction: The Area Studies Controversy, Mark Tessler, Jodi Nachtwey, Anne Banda 1. Politics in the Middle East: Opportunities and Limits in the Quest for Theory, Lisa Anderson 2. State-Society Relations: Algeria as a Case Study, John P. Entelis 3. Associational Life: Civil Society in Authoritarian Political Systems, Augustus Richard Norton 4. Explaining Women's Support for Political Islam: Contributions from Feminist Theory, Jodi Nachtwey and Mark Tessler 5. Influencing Public Policy: Banking and the Political Economy of Collective Action, Clement Henry 6. Toward a Theory of International Labor Migration: Evidence from Egypt, Magda Kandil 7. Religion and International Conflict: An Individual-Level Analysis, Mark Tessler and Jodi Nachtwey 8. The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Lessons about Diplomatic Initiatives and Negotiations, Laura Zittrain Eisenberg 9. Middle Eastern Alliances: From Neorealism to Political Economy, Laurie Brand 10. International Relations Theory: Contributions from Research in the Middle East, Baghat Korany Contributors Index
"The volume edited by Mark Tessler addresses a set of critical issuesconfronting all social scientists whose field of inquiry is extra-American....Tessler and his contributors succeed admirably in their goal." -- AmericanHistorical Review
How should scholars construct knowledge aboutpolitics, economics, and international relations in major world regions? Accordingto the contributors to this lively volume, the conflicting approaches of regionalspecialists and discipline-oriented social scientists must be combined to provide afirm foundation for studying the contemporary politics of the Middle East.Contributors are Lisa Anderson, Anne Banda, Laurie A. Brand, Laura ZittrainEisenberg, John P. Entelis, Clement M. Henry, Magda Kandil, Baghat Korany, JodiNachtwey, Augustus Richard Norton, and Mark Tessler.
Editiert von: Mark Tessler, Jodi Nachtwey, Anne Dressel
Mark Tessler is Professor of Political Science, Director of the Centerfor Middle Eastern Studies, and Head of the Department of Near EasternStudies. He is author of A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and co-editor (with David Garnham) of Democracy, War, and Peace in the Middle East.Jodi Nachtwey is a doctoral student in political science and Research Fellow for the Center of International Studies at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.Anne Banda is a doctoral student in urban studies and Assistant Director of the Center for International Studies at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

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