Midwestern Women: Work, Community, and Leadership at the Crossroads

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Foreword by Glenda Riley Introduction: The Strange Career of Madame Dubuque and Midwestern WomenOs History Wendy Hamand Venet and Lucy Eldersveld Murphy I. Four Lives 1. Leadership within the WomenOs Community: Susie Bonga Wright of the Leech Lake Ojibwe Rebecca Kugel 2. Journeywoman Milliner: Emily Austin, Migration, and WomenOs Work in the Nineteenth Century Midwest Lucy Eldersveld Murphy 3. Mary McDowell and Municipal Housekeeping: WomenOs Political Activism in Chicago, 1890 Karen M. Mason 4. The Limits of Community: Martha Friesen of Hamilton County, Kansas Pamela Riney-Kehrberg II. Community and Leadership 5. OFor the good of her peopleO: Continuity and Change for Native Women of the Midwest, 1650-1850 6. OThose with whom I feel most nearly connectedO: Kinship and Gender in Early Ohio Tamara G. Miller 7. The Ethnic Female Public Sphere: German-American Women in Turn-of-the-Century Chicago Christiane Harzig 8. Sisterhood and Community: The Sisters of Charity and African-American WomenOs Health Care in Indianapolis, 1876-1920 Earline Rae Ferguson III. Work 9. OThe indescribable care devolving upon a housewifeO: WomenOs and MenOs Perceptions of Pioneer Foodways on the Midwestern Frontier Sarah F. McMahon 10. Changing Times: Iowa Farm Women and Cooperative Home Economics Extension in the1920s and 1950s Dorothy Schwieder 11. Women, Unions, and Debates over Work during World War II in Indiana Nancy F. Gabin 12. OMaking RateO: Mexicana Immigrant Workers in an Illinois Electronics Plant Irene Campos Carr Bibliography
Examining four centuries of Midwestern women's history, contributors discuss ways these women's lives both resemble and differ from those of women of other regions. Midwestern female experience is shown to be distinctive in terms of degrees of migration, which resulted in the Midwest becoming a cultural crossroads.
Editiert von: Lucy Murphy, Wendy Venet
Lucy Eldersveld Murphy, Assistant Professor of History at DePaul University in Chicago, has published articles on Native American women and women artisans in midwestern history. Wendy Hamand Venet, Assistant Professor of History at Georgia State University, is author of Neither Ballots nor Bullets: Women Abolitionists and the Civil War.

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