Modern Arabic Drama

Indiana Series in Arab & Islamic Studies
An Anthology
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Preface Acknowledgments Introduction by M. M. Badawi The Balalin Company of Jerusalem Darkness OIsam Mahfuz The China Tree Mamduh OUdwan That's Life OIzz al-Din al-Madani The Zanj Revolution OAbd al-OAziz al-SrayiiO The Bird Has Flown SaOdallah Wannus The King Is the King Walid Ikhlasi The Straight Path Yusuf al-OAni The Key Salah OAbd al-Sabur Night Traveler Alfred Farag OAli Janah al-Tabrizi and His Servant Quffa OAli Salem The Comedy of Oedipus: YouOve Killed the Beast Mahmud Diyab Strangers Don't Drink Coffee Notes on Authors, Translators, and Editors Arabic Titles of Plays and Authors' Names Transliterated
Translations of twelve popular Arabic plays written and produced duringthe past thirty years introduce English readers to the vibrant theater scene of theArab world. The plays -- from Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, andTunisia -- reflect a variety of dramatic trends and styles and provide insights intocontemporary social, cultural, and political currents. This well-prepared anthologyrepresents a unique contribution to the study of world drama and modern MiddleEastern culture.Playwrights include Yusuf al-Ani, Abdal-Aziz al-Surayii, the Balalin Company of Jerusalem, Izz al-Dinal-Madani, Mahmud Diyab, Alfred Farag, Walid Ikhlasi, Isam Mahfuz, SalahAbd al-Sabur, Ali Salim, Mamduh Udwan, and SadallahWannus.
Autor: Salma Khadra Jayyusi, Roger Allen
SALMA KHADRA JAYYUSI, Palestinian poet, critic, and scholar, is founder and director of PROTA (Project of Translation from Arabic). She is the editor of Modern Arabic Poetry, The Literature of Modern Arabia, Anthology of Modern Palestinian Literature, and The Legacy of Muslim Spain.Roger Allen is Professor of Arabic at the University of Pennsylvania. His books include The Arabic Novel: An Historical and Critical Introduction and Modern Arabic Literature.

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Autor: Salma Khadra Jayyusi
ISBN-13 :: 9780253209733
ISBN: 0253209730
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.06.1995
Verlag: Indiana University Press
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Sprache: Englisch
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