Mass Culture in Soviet Russia: Tales, Poems, Songs, Movies, Plays, and Folklore, 1917a 1953

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Note: Performances of entries marked with an asterisk are on the accompanying cassette tape. Acknowledgments Introduction by James von Geldern Note on Transliteration I. The Revolution and New Regime, 1917-1927 Aleksei Gastev, We Grow Out of Iron (1918) Vladimir Kirillov, The Iron Messiah (1918) Mikhail Gerasimov, We (1919) The War of Kings (1918) Demyan Bedny, Send Off: A Red Army Song (1918) Solemn Oath on Induction into the Worker-Peasant Red Army (1918) Little Apple (1918) Aleksandr Bezymensky, The Young Guard (1918) Larisa Reisner, Letters from the Eastern Front (1918) Pavel Arsky, For the Cause of the Red Soviets (1919) Toward a World Commune (1920) Marietta Shaginyan, Mess-Mend (1923) Kornei Chukovsky, Buzzer-Fly (1924) Mikhail Zoshchenko, The Lady Aristocrat (1923) Dmitry Furmanov, Chapaev (1923) Valentin Kruchinin and Pavel German, The Brick Factory (1920s)* Bublichki (1920s)* Songs of the Underworld (1920s) Vitaly Zhemchuzhny, Evening of Books (1924) Blue Blouse Skit (1924) Vladimir Mayakovsky, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1924) Innokenty Zhukov, Voyage of the oRed StarO Pioneer Troop to Wonderland (1924) A.I. Ulyanova, V.I. Ulyanov (N. Lenin) (1925) Heard in Moscow (1925) K. Podrevsky and B. Fomin, The Long Road (1926)* Anecdotes II. The Stalinist Thirties The Cultural Revolution, 1928-1932 Leninist Fairy Tales Ivan Zhiga, The Thoughts, Cares, and Deeds of the Workers (1928) MakhnoOs Bank (oGulyai-PoleO) (1930) Shock Brigade of Composers and Poets, Swell the Harvest (1930) Fyodor Panfyorov, Rammed It Through (1930) Vladimir Kirshon, Bread (1930) Mikhail Doroshin, Pavlik Morozov (1933) Shock Workers, The First Cruise (1931) Nikolai Ostrovsky, How the Steel was Tempered (1932-1934) M. Ilin, The Story of the Great Plan (1930) Aleksei Garri, A Storm off Hope (1928) The Stalin White Sea-Baltic Canal (1934) Samuil Marshak, Mister Twister (1933) Anecdotes High Stalinism, 1932-1936 Gr. Bortnik, Granddaddy Sebastian Went Godless (1934) Sergei Tretyakov, Nine Girls (1935) Anton Makarenko, The Road to Life (1932-1934) Vasily Lebedev-Kumach and Isaac Dunaevsky, March of the Happy-Go-Lucky Guys (1934)* Vasily Lebedev-Kumach and Isaac Dunaevsky, SportsmanOs March (1936)* Vasily Lebedev-Kumach and Aleksandr Aleksandrov, LifeOs Getting Better (1936)* Aleksei Stakhanov, The Stakhanov Movement Explained (1936) Yury Zhukov and Roza Izmailova, Chronicle of Komsomolsk-on-the-Amur (1937) Pavel German and Yuly Khait, Ever Higher (1920) Radio Speech of K.E. Tsiolkovsky (1935) B. Galin, Valery Chkalov (1937) I.T. Spirin, Dinner at the Pole (1938) Vasily Lebedev-Kumach and Isaac Dunaevsky, Song of the Motherland (1935)* Vadim Kozin, Autumn (1930s)* Mikhail Koltsov, In Praise of Modesty (1936) Sergei Mikhalkov, Uncle Steeple (1935-1939) The Storyteller Korguev, Chapaev (1936) Anecdotes The Purges and Preparation for War, 1937-1940 Marfa Semyonovna Kryukova, Tale of the Pole (1937) Konstantin Fedin, The Living Lenin (1939) An Old Worker of the oBolshevikO Factory, I Heard Lenin (1939) Lazar Lagin, Goose Gets a Transfer (1937) Dzhambul Dzhabaev, Narkom Yezhov (1937) Two Purge Poems (1937) Arkady Gaidar, Timur and His Squad (1938) Mikhail Isakovsky and Matvei Blanter, Katyusha (1938)* Vasily Lebedev-0Kumach and the Pokrass Brothers, If Tomorrow Brings War (1938)* Boris Laskin and the Pokrass Brothers, Three Tank Drivers (1937)* Lengend of Voroshilov 91939) History of the C.P.S.U. (Short course) (1939) The Chuvash Peasant and the Eagle (1937) Anatoly DOAktil and Isaac Dunaevsky, March of the Enthusiasts (1940)* Ancedotes III. Russia at War E. Dolmatovsky and M. Blanter, My Beloved (1939) Jerzy Peterburgsky and Yakov Galitsky, The Blue Kerchief (1940)* Konstantin Simonov, Wait for Me (1941) Konstantin Simonov, Smolensk Roads (1941) Aleksei Surkov, Scout Pashkov (1941) Vasily Lebedev-Kumach and Aleksandr Aleksandrov, Holy War (1941)* Pavel Lidov, Tanya (1942) Aleksandr Korneichuk, The Front (1942) Aleksandr Tvardovsky, Vasily Tyorkin (1942-1945) N. Bogoslovsky and V. Agatov, Dark Is the Night (1943)* Olga Berggolts, Conversation with a Neighbor (1941) Vasily Grossman, Good Is Stronger Than Evil (1944) Aleksandr Fadeev, Immortal (1943) Aleksandr Dovzhenko, The Night before Battle (1944) Ilya Ehrenburg, The Justification of Hate (1942) Soviet State Anthem (1944)* Anecdotes IV. The Postwar Era N. Pogodin, Cossacks of the Kuban (1949) Boris Polevoi, The Story of a Real Man (1947) Sergei Mikhalkov, ChildrenOs Verse (1946) Konstantin Simonov, The Russian Question (1947) Gennady Fish, The Man Who Did the Impossible (1948) Semyon Babaevsky, Cavalier of the oGold StarO (1948) D. Belyaev, Stilyaga (1949) V. Lebedev, MichurinOs Dream (1950) Boris Polevoi, To Stalin from the Peoples of the World (1950) Stephan Shckipachov, Pavlik Morozov (1950) Konstantin Paustovsky, In the Heart of Russia (1950) oAviationO (from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia) (1950) Ancedotes Selected Bibliography
Offers an array of documents, short fiction, poems, songs, plays, movie scripts, comic routines, and folklore for a closer look at the mass culture in Soviet Russia between 1917 and 1953. This book focuses on the entertainment genres that both shaped and reflected the social, political, and personal values of the regime and the masses.

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