Melodrama and Meaning: History, Culture, and the Films of Douglas Sirk

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Acknowledgments Introduction: The Many Faces of Melodrama "1. The OProgressiveO Auteur, Melodrama, and Canonicity " "2. Selling Melodrama: Sex, Affluence, and Written on the Wind " "3. Tastemaking: Reviews, Popular Canons, and Soap Operas " 4. Star Gossip: Rock Hudson and the Burdens of Masculinity 5. Mass Camp and the Old Hollywood Melodrama Today "Conclusion: Cinema, Ideology, History " Notes Filmography Bibliography Index
Melodrama and Meaning is a major addition to the new historical approachto film studies. Barbara Klinger shows how institutions most associated withHollywood cinema -- academia, the film industry, review journalism, star publicity, and the mass media -- create meaning and ideological identity for films. Chaptersfocus on Sirk's place in the development of film studies from the 1950s through the1980s, as well as the history of the critical reception (both academic and popular)of Sirk's films, a history that outlines journalism's role in public tastemaking.Other chapters are devoted to Universal's selling of Written on the Wind, themachinery of star publicity and the changing image of Rock Hudson, and thecontemporary "institutionalized" camp response to Sirk that has resulted fromdevelopments in mass culture.
Autor: Barbara Klinger
BARBARA KLINGER, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Film Studies and director of the Cultural Studies program at Indiana University, has published essays on film theory, criticism, and history in Screen, Wide Angle, Cinema Journal, and the Yale Journal of Criticism.

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Autor: Barbara Klinger
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