Russia S Great Reforms, 1855 1881

Indiana-Michigan Series in Rus
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I'ntroductions: Ben Eklof Abbreviations I. The Great Reforms and the Historians since Stalin: Abbott Gleason Part I State and Reform II. Autocracy and the Reforms of 1861-1874 in Russia: Choosing Paths of Development Larissa Zakharova: Translated by Daniel Field III. The Year of Jubilee Daniel Field IV. Interest-Group Politics in the Era of the Great Reforms Alfred J. Rieber V. The Meaning of the Great Reforms in Russian Economic History Peter Gatrell VI. A Neglected Great Reform: The Abolition of Tax Farming in Russia David Christian VII. The Russian Navy and the Problem of Technological Transfer: Technological Backwardness and Military-Industrial Development, 1853-1876 Jacob W. Kipp VIII. Miliutin and the Balkan War Military Reform vs. Military Performance John S. Bushnell IX. Accountable Only to God and the Senate: Peace Mediators and the Great Reforms Natalia F. UstOiantseva: Translated by Ben Eklof X. Municipal Self-Government after the 1870 Reform Valeriia A. Nardova: Translated by Lori A. Citti XI. Crowning the Edifice: The Zemstvo, Local Self-Government, and the Constitutional Movement, 1864-1881 Fedor A. Petrow XII. Jurors and Jury Trials in Imperial Russia, 1866-1885 Alexander K. AfanasOev: Translated by Willard Sunderland XIII. Popular Legal Cultures: The St. Petersburg Mirovoi Sud Joan Neuberger XIV. The University Statute of 1863: A Reconsidertion Samuel D. Kassow XV. The Rise of Voluntary Associations during the Great Reforms: The Case of Charity Adele Lindenmeyr Bibliography: Abbott Gleason Contributors Index
"(The book) succeeds remarkably in providing a multifaceted, yetinterconnected, analysis of this signal era of modern Russian history and it isheartily recommended." -- The Historian
This volume, the workof an international group of scholars that includes historians from Russia, maps outthe major landmarks in the conceptualization and implementation of the Great Reformsduring the reign of Alexander II and proposes a variety of perspectives from whichto view them.
Editiert von: Ben Eklof, John Bushnell, Larissa Zakharova
BEN EKLOF is Associate Professor of History at Indiana University and author of Russian Peasant Schools. JOHN BUSNELL is Professor of History at Northwestern University and author of Mutiny amid Repression. LARISSA ZAKHAROVA is Professor of History at Moscow State University. Her numerous publications on the history of late Imperial Russia include Samoderzhavie i otmena krepostnogo prava v Rossii, 1856 1861."

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