The Penguin Book of Historic Speeches

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From Moses to Nelson Mandela, speeches have helped both change the way we see the world and the way the world is shaped. This title gathers together the world's greatest speeches, bringing together the words of over one hundred men and women.
Autor: Brian MacArthur
Brian MacArthur has had a distinguished career in journalism. He was founder editor of the Today newspaper and of The Times Higher Education Supplement, editor of the Western Morning News and deputy editor of the Sunday Times. He has edited The Penguin Book of Modern Speeches, the companion volume to this book, and is the author of For King and Country and Surviving the Sword.

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Autor: Brian MacArthur
ISBN-13 :: 9780241953266
ISBN: 024195326X
Erscheinungsjahr: 03.05.2012
Verlag: Penguin Books Ltd
Gewicht: 368g
Seiten: 528
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 197x127x33 mm
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