The Science of the Sense that Makes Us Human
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Touch is the most important sense we have. Without it, we cannot entirely feel pleasure or pain - we are less than human. In fact, as neuroscientist Linden demonstrates in the astonishing stories gathered here, touch is central to who we are - from choosing our partners to comforting us on our deathbeds. He reveals how it defines us - and how, by understanding it, we can better know ourselves.
An exploration of the astonishing secrets of touch, with surprising stories and cutting-edge research on pleasure and pain, showing how touch shapes our sense of self and bonds us together. For readers of "Quiet" and "Thinking Fast & Slow". Now in paperback.
Autor: David J. Linden
David Linden is a professor of neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, USA, and the award-winning author of The Accidental Mind: How Brain Evolution Has Given Us Love, Memory, Dreams, and God which was a New York Times bestseller. Since 2008 he has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Neurophysiology, a role at the centre of the neuroscience research community. He lives in Baltimore.

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Autor: David J. Linden
ISBN-13 :: 9780241184066
ISBN: 0241184061
Erscheinungsjahr: 11.02.2016
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