Atheists in America

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According to a 2012 Pew Forum survey, the fastest growing religious cohort in America are the "Nones" -- those with no religious affiliation -- at 20 percent, or 48 million people. Of these, 14.4 million are atheists. Who are these people and how did they lose their religion? Atheists in America -- a vital new contribution to the growing literature on nonbelievers -- reveals in their own words how a wide diversity of people learned to live lives of integrity and meaning without God. The book also grants readers ready to hear it the message that not only is it okay not to believe, being an atheist can be both enlightening and liberating. -- Michael Shermer, Editor of Skeptic I used to preach that atheists are fools who lead sad, empty, meaningless and immoral lives. Then I actually met some atheists. After reading the moving and honest stories in Atheists in America, you will agree with me that nonbelievers lead reasonable, moral, and purposeful lives. -- Dan Barker, Co-President, Freedom from Religion Foundation
AcknowledgmentsIntroduction. The Other Closet: An Introduction to Atheism and Coming Out ProcessesPart 1. Leaving Faith: Arriving at Atheist Identity from Religious Backgrounds1. How I Got to None of the Above, by Alvin Burstein2. Religion and the F-Word (Feminism), by Lynnette3. Clap Our Hands Like Trees, by Chris Matallana4. Ex-Mormon, by Cora JuddPart 2. Cultural Contexts in Coming Out as Atheist5. An Unexamined Life, by Naima Cabelle6. User Error: Coming Out as Atheist in Utah, by James Mouritsen7. The Names We Call Home, by Shawn Mirza8. A Life of Class Consciousness, by David HoelscherPart 3. Two Closets? Identifying as Both LGBTQ and Atheist9. A Tale of Two Closets, by Stephen S. Mills10. The Permanent Prodigal Daughter, by Sherilyn Connelly11. Far from Home, by David Philip NorrisPart 4. Ain't No Mountain High Enough: Navigating Romantic Relationships as an Atheist12. An Atheist's Simple Revelation About Love: It's Complicated, by Ethan Sahker13. Swept Under the Rug, by Kristen Rurouni14. On Love and Credulity, by Matt HartPart 5. Family Life and Atheist Parenting15. Dinner with Grandma, by Ronnelle Adams16. Parenting Authentically in an Interfaith Marriage, by Kevin J. Zimmerman17. Having a Baby Made Me an Atheist, by Amy Watkins18. Born Secular, by Adrienne Filardo FaganPart 6. The Search for Connection: Coming Out to Friends and Questing for Community19. Slow Growth, by Justus Humphrey20. An Atheist in the Bible Belt, by Brittany Friedel21. Coming Out and Finding Home, by Pam ZerbaPart 7. Atheism at Work: Tales of Coming Out to Coworkers and Colleagues22. Is This the Way to Amarillo?, by Samuel W. Needleman23. Cracking Open the Closet Door, by Camilo Ortiz24. My Favorite Atheist, by John DoumaPart 8. Atheism and Aging: The Challenges of Entering Older Adulthood as a Nonbeliever25. The Road Less Traveled, by Ursula Raabe26. A Contrarian Life Story, by Elizabeth Malm Clemens27. Dark Matter and Missing Socks, by Margaret M. BennettConcluding Thoughts: The Open DoorNotesBibliography
An intimate psychological study of a largely invisible minority navigating life in a religious world.

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