Cut-Pieces: Celluloid Obscenity and Popular Cinema in Bangladesh

South Asia Across the Discipli
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This is an excellent ethnography of a cinematic phenomenon--the cut piece--that has elicited comment in the popular media yet has not received sustained and critical academic attention. Cut-Pieces is framed in terms of camera techniques: montage and decoupage, following the female cast of a B-grade action film, the phenomenon of splicing, and the exigencies of Bangladeshi cinema where form is determined by the tussles that ensue between the creative staff and the Bangladeshi Censor Board. The ethnographic data is novel and fabulous, as Lotte Hoek's strong focus on one film provides the lens through which to analyze the fascinating but disturbing landscape of contemporary Bangladesh. -- Rochona Majumdar, University of Chicago and author of Marriage and Modernity: Family Values in Colonial Bengal
Imagine watching an action film in a small-town cinema hall in Bangladesh, and in between the gun battles and fistfights, a short pornographic clip appears. This is a cut-piece, a strip of locally made celluloid pornography spliced into the reels of action films in Bangladesh.
Autor: Lotte Hoek
Lotte Hoek is a lecturer in social anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. She received her Ph.D. from the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, and her research focuses on visual culture and the anthropology of media.

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Autor: Lotte Hoek
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