Tolerance, Democracy, and Sufis in Senegal

15, Religion, Culture, and Public Life
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An important contribution to democratization theory, Islamic studies, and African studies. The contributors engage with cutting edge theory to make sense of the Senegalese experience. -- Ousmane Kane, author of The Homeland Is the Arena: Religion, Transnationalism, and the Integration of Senegalese Immigrants in America
Acknowledgments Abbreviations 1. Introduction: The Public Role of the "Good Islam": Sufi Islam and the Administration of Pluralism. A Senegalese Story (Mamadou Diouf) 2. A Secular Age and the World of Islam (Souleymane Bachir Diagne) 3. Islam's New Visibility and the Secular Public (Beth A. Buggenhagen) 4. Dakar's Sunnite Women: The Dialectic of Submission and Defiance in a Globalizing City (Erin Augis) 5. Sovereign Islam in a Secular State: Hidden Knowledge and Sufi Governance Among "Taalibe Baay" (Joseph Hill) 6. The Senegalese 'Social Contract' Revisited: the Muridiyya Muslim Order and State Politics (Cheikh ANta Babou) 7. Religion, Ethnicity and the State: the Triadic Configuration of Tolerance (Etienne Smith) 8. Islam, the Originaires and the Making of the Public Space in a Colonial City: Saint Louis of Senegal (Mamadou Diouf) 9. Stateness, Democracy, and Respect: Senegal in Comparative Perspective (Alfred Stepan) 10. Negotiating Islam in the Era of Democracy: Senegal in Comparative Regional Perspective (Leonardo A. Villalon) Glossary Contributors
This collection critically examines 'tolerance', 'secularism', and respect for religious 'diversity' within a social and political system dominated by Sufi brotherhoods.
Editiert von: Mamadou Diouf
Mamadou Diouf is the Leitner Family Professor of African Studies and History at Columbia University. His many publications include New Perspectives on Islam in Senegal: Conversion, Migration, Wealth, Power, and Femininity, coedited with Mara A. Liechtman and Rhythms of the Afro-Atlantic World: Rituals and Remembrances, coedited with Ifeoma C. K. Nwankwo.

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