Chikamatsu: Five Late Plays

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Twins at the Sumida River (Futago sumidagawa, 1720)
Lovers Pond in Settsu Province (Tsu no kuni meoto-ike, 1721)
Battles at Kawa-nakajima (Shinsh kawa-nakajima kassen, 1721)
Love Suicides on the Eve of the Kshin Festival (Shinj yoigshin, 1722)
Tethered Steed and the Eight Provinces of Kant (Kanhassh tsunagi-uma, 1724)
Chikamatsu Monzaemon (1653-1725), often referred to as "Japan's Shakespeare" and a "god of writers," was arguably the most famous playwright in Japanese history and wrote more than 100 plays for the kabuki and bunraku theaters. Today, the plays of this major literary figure are performed on kabuki and bunraku stages as well as in the modern theater, and forty-nine films of his plays have been made, thirty-one of them from the silent era.
Autor: C. Andrew Gerstle, Chikamatsu
ワbersetzung von: C. Andrew Gerstle
C. Andrew Gerstle

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