Culture of the Fork: A Brief History of Everyday Food and Haute Cuisine in Europe

Arts and Traditions of the Tab
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A deliciously illustrated and informative survey of the origins of European cuisine and "at table" behavior
1. Grain and Bread
2. Soup with Bread, Polenta, Vegetable Stew, and Pasta
3. Stuffed Pasta
4. Water and Salt
5. Cheese
6. Meat
7. The Farmyard
8. Fish
9. Salt-cured Products and Sausages
10. Vegetables and Fruits
11. Fat was Good
12. Spices
13. The Atlantic, the East, and a Few West Indies
14. From the Iberian Peninsula to the Distant Americas: The Sugar Route
15. From Europe to America
16. To Eat at the Same ÆMDRVØMensaÆMDNMØ
17. Eating and Drinking
18. Dining with Discernment
Appendix: Dining with Christopher Columbus
We know where he went, what he wrote, and even what he wore, but what in the world did Christopher Columbus eat? The Renaissance and the age of discovery introduced Europeans to exotic cultures, mores, manners, and ideas. Along with the cross-cultural exchange of Old and New World, East and West, came new foodstuffs, preparations, and flavors. That kitchen revolution led to the development of new utensils and table manners. Some of the impact is still felt -- and tasted -- today.
Autor: Giovanni Rebora
ワbersetzung von: Albert Sonnenfeld
Giovanni Rebora. Translated by Albert Sonnenfeld

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Autor: Giovanni Rebora
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