The Columbia History of Post-World War II America

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Mark C. Carnes · The Changing Meaning and Structures of Work
Kenneth Cmiel · Visual Culture
Tom Collins · Popular Music and Technology
George Cotkin · The Commerce of Culture and Criticism
David T. Courtwright · Religion, Sexuality, and Culture-War Politics
Paula S. Fass · Children, Technology, and Privacy
Tony A. Freyer · Government Policy, Culture, and Corporate Investment
Susan Hartmann · Gender and the Realignment of Politics
Andrew Kirk · Technology, Consumerism, and Environmental Advocacy
Michael E. Latham · American Intellectuals and the Problem of Cold War Democracy
Richard Lingeman · The Downfall of Postwar Liberalism and Left Dissent
Donald J. Mrozek · Military, Sport, and Warrior Culture
Sandra Opdycke · The Changing Social Geography of American Life
Thaddeus Russell · The Postwar Labor and Civil Rights Movements
Rick Shenkman · Television, Democracy, and Presidential Politics
Michael Sherry · Death, Mourning, and Memorial Culture
Maris A. Vinovskis · Education and Government Policy
Julian E. Zelizer · Scandal Politics
Every epoch bewilders those who live through it, but for Americans, the postwar era has been a time of breathtaking change and transition. With these comprehensive and engaging essays, this volume encourages readers to form a new perspective on a recent and highly debated period of American history.
Editiert von: Mark Carnes
Edited by Mark C Carnes

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