The Chinese Essay

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Skeleton Chronology
To Lead out the Army, by Zhuge Liang
Requiem for Myself, by Tao Qian
Address to the Crocodiles of Chaozhou, by Han Yu
Goodbye to Penury
The Whip Vendor, by Liu Zongyuan
My First Excursion to West Mountain
The Small Rock Poor West of the Hillock
A Monument to Rustic Temples, by Lu Guimeng
The Old Toper's Pavilion, by Ouyang Xiu
The Terrace over the Void, by Su Shi
Master Table Mountain
Red Cliff: One
Inscription for the Temple of Han Yu at Chaozhou
The Pavilion of Elation, by Su Che
The Mosquito Dialogue, by Fang Xiaoru
My Mother: A Brief Life, by Gui Youguang
The Xiangji Studio
Tiger Hill, by Yuan Hongdao
The Rewards of Stupidity
The Full Moon Festival at the West Lake, by Zhang Dai
Wang Yuesheng
Liu Jingting: Storyteller
The Jades of Yangshou
Pleasant Diversions: Judging Beauty, by Li Yu
Pleasant Diversions: Accomplishments
Pleasant Diversions: Literacy
Pleasant Diversions: Clothes
Life in Prison, by Fang Bao
Thoughts on Master Huang's Book Borrowing, by Yuan Mei
Three Summer Pests, by Lu Xun
The Evolution of the Male Sex
Ah Jin
Confucius in Modern China
Relentless Rain, by Zhou Zuoren
Reading in the Lavatory
On 'Passing the Itch'
The Ageing of Ghosts
In Praise of Mutes
The Ornamental Iron Mountain, by Xia Mianzun
Winter at White Horse Lake
Three Kinds of Boat, by Ye Shengtao
My Own Patch of Green
Eating Melon Seeds, by Feng Zikai
Bombs in Yishan
Village School and Academy, by Yu Dafu
The Winter Scene in Jiangnan
The View from the Rear, by Zhu Ziqing
Traces of Wenzhou
The Lotus Pond by Moonlight
Sickness, by Liang Shi-ch'iu
Listening to Plays
On the Road, by Liang Yuchun
Well-meant Words
A Temple Lodging, by Lu Li
The Art of Listening, by Yang Jiang
Cloak of Invisibility
Elegy, by He Qifang
Chignon, by Ch'I Chun
The Religion of the Chinese, by Eileen Chang
A Beating
The Last Word in Beauty and Ugliness, by Wang Ting-chun
Thus Friends Absent Speak, by Yu Kwang-chung
My Four Hypothetical Enemies
The Call of the Ruins, by Zongpu
The Countryside of the Past, by Koarnhak Tarn
Today's Countryside
We Can't Bring Back the Past, by Huang Chunming
Waiting for a Flower's Name
Shanghai People, by Yu Qiuyu
Goodwives, by Zhang Xingjian
Though collections of Chinese fiction, poetry, and drama abound, there have been no English-language anthologies of Chinese essays on the market. Now, veteran sinologist David Pollard has selected and translated the best and most representative examples of Chinese prose writing from the third century to the contemporary period.
ワbersetzung von: David Pollard
Selected and translated by David Pollard

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Autor: David Pollard
ISBN-13 :: 9780231121194
ISBN: 0231121199
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.09.2002
Gewicht: 503g
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Sprache: Englisch
Altersempfehlung: 22 - 99 Jahre
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