Tangled Relationships: Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships in the Human Services

Foundations of Social Work Kno
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1. Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships: Key Concepts
Boundary Issues in the Human Services
A Typology of Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships
Managing Dual Relationships
Sound Decision Making
The Role of Practitioner Impairment
2. Intimate Relationships
Sexual Relationships with Clients
Sexual Relationships with Former Clients
Counseling Former Sexual Partners
Sexual Relationships with Clients' Relatives or Acquaintances
Sexual Relationships with Supervisees, Trainees, Students, and Colleagues
Physical Contact
3. Emotional and Dependency Needs
Friendships with Clients
Unconventional Interventions
Affectionate Communications
Community-based Contact with Clients
4. Personal Benefit
Barter for Services
Business and Financial Relationships
Advice and Services
Favors and Gifts
Conflicts of Interest
5. Altruism
Giving Gifts to Clients
Meeting Clients in Social or Community Settings
Offering Clients Favors
Accommodating Clients
Self-disclosing to Clients
6. Unavoidable and Unanticipated Circumstances
Geographic Proximity
Conflicts of Interest
Professional Encounters
Social Encounters
Should a therapist counsel a former lover or accept a client's gift? If so, has a boundary been crossed? Some boundary issues, like beginning a sexual relationship with a client, are obvious pitfalls to avoid, but what about more subtle issues, like hugging a client or disclosing personal information to a client? What are the boundaries of maintaining a friendship with a former client or the relative of a client? When do conflicts of interest overburden the client-practitioner relationship?
Autor: Frederic Reamer
Frederic G. Reamer

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