A Framework for Immigration: Applications to Asians in the United States

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Prologue: Racism
Introduction: A Framework for the Immigration Experience
Pre-1965 Emigration: Leaving the Homeland for the United States
Post-1965 Emigration: Changes in U.S. Immigration Policy
Entry Into the United States and the Nation's Response to Asian Immigration
Asian Adjustment
Public Policies: Social Welfare, Housing, Education, and Criminal Justice
Public Policies: Health, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse
U.S.-Born Asian Americans
Implications, Directions, and Action Guidelines
Epilogue: Author's Immigration Experience
Although stereotypically portrayed as academic and economic achievers, Asian Americans often live in poverty, underserved by human services, undercompensated in the workforce, and subject to discrimination. Although often perceived as a single, homogenous group, there are significant differences between Asian American cultures that affect their experience. Segal, an Asian American immigrant herself, analyzes Asian immigration to the U.S., including immigrants' reasons for leaving their countries, their attraction to the U.S., the issues they face in contemporary U.S. society, and the history of public attitudes and policy toward them. Segal observes that the profile of the Asian American is shaped not only by the immigrants and their descendents but by the nation's response to their presence.
Autor: Uma Segal
Uma Segal

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Autor: Uma Segal
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