In His Own Right: The Political Odyssey of Senator Robert F. Kennedy

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Prologue: The Odyssey Begins
1. On His Own: Kennedy's Evolving Critique of the War, May 1965 - February 1966
2. A Slow Path to Peace: Kennedy Calls for a Negotiated Settlement, March 1966 - March 1967
3. At the Center of the Storm: Kennedy and the Shifting Political Winds of 1967
4. "The Hottest Place in Hell": Kennedy, the Democrats, and the McCarthy Candidacy
5. The Collapse of the Myths: Kennedy, Johnson, and the Tet Offensive, January - February 1968
6. The Breaking Point: Kennedy Responds to Tet, February 8, 1968
7. Fifteen Days in March: Kennedy Challenges Johnson, March 1968
8. Civil Rights and the Urban Rebellions, Kennedy, King, and the Politics of Race, 1965-1968
9. Building a Coalition: Kennedy and the Primaries, March 16 - May 28, 1968
10. California: Kennedy's Last Campaign, May - June 1968
Epilogue: A Potential Unrealize
Robert Kennedy's role in American politics during the 1960s was pivotal yet has defied attempts to define it. He was a junior senator from New York, but he was also much more. The public perceived him as possessing the intangible qualities of his brother, the slain president. From 1965 to 1968 Kennedy struggled to find his own voice in national affairs.
Autor: Joseph Palermo
Joseph A. Palermo

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Autor: Joseph Palermo
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