George Gaylord Simpson: Paleontologist and Evolutionist

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1. Biographical Introduction
2. Paleontology and the Expansion of Biology
3. The Summer of 1924
4. Darwin's World
5. Paleocene Mammals of Montana
6. On Species
7. Tempo and Mode in Evolution
8. Mentor for Paleoanthropology
9. Wrong for the Right Reasons
10. The Mind's Eye
11. The Awkward Embrace
12. Concession to the Ineluctable
In 1978 the distinguished paleontologist George Gaylord Simpson published his autobiography, Concession to the Improbable, which gave the basic facts of his life but left more questions than it answered. Now Léo F. Laporte presents this absorbing intellectual study of Simpson's major areas of work.
Autor: Leo Laporte
Léo F. Laporte

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Autor: Leo Laporte
ISBN-13 :: 9780231120654
ISBN: 0231120656
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