The Great Divide: Religious and Cultural Conflict in American Party Politics

Power, Conflict, & Democracy:
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Introduction: Cultural Conflict in American Society and Politics
1. Explaining Religious and Cultural Changes in the Party System
2. Conceptualizing Religion and Religion-Based Political Conflict
3. Religious and Cultural Change Among Party Activists
4. The Internal and External Divides: Religious and Cultural Conflict Within and Between the Parties
5. The Changing Religious Face of the Parties' Mass Coalitions
6. Links in the Chain: The Structure and Sequence of Partisan Religious and Cultural Change
7. Exploring the Divide: How and When Religion Matters for Contemporary Political Behavior
8. Religious Conflict and American Party Politics: The Nature, Implications, and Future of Their Relationship
Appendix A. Measurement
Appendix B. Statistical Analysis
Appendix C. Congressional Votes on Cultural Issues
How did the Christian Right come to predominate in the Republican Party? Why, on the other hand, do secular and religiously liberal beliefs largely prevail in the Democratic Party? Our understanding of the rift between the Democratic and Republican parties -- a rift in many ways fueled by religious beliefs -- requires an analysis of the entire spectrum of religious and nonreligious players in the American political process and how their influence has evolved over a long period of time.
Autor: Geoffrey Layman
Geoffrey Layman

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Autor: Geoffrey Layman
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