Where Are All the Young Men and Women of Color?: Capacity Enhancement Practice in the Criminal Justice System

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Section 1: Setting the Context
Chapter 1: Setting the Context
Chapter 2: Incarceration Profiles and Trends
Chapter 3: Substance Abuse and Incarceration
Chapter 4: The Impact of Correctional Supervision: A Multifaceted Perspective
Section 2: Capacity Enhancement Concepts and Practice
Chapter 5: Capacity Enhancement Practice: Key Concepts, Principles, and Goals
Chapter 6: A Framework for Capacity Enhancement Practice with the Correctionally Supervised
Section 3: Reflections from the Field
Chapter 7: Case Study Method
Chapter 8: ACE (AIDS Counseling Education), Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, New York
Chapter 9: Reading Academy, Maryland
Chapter 10: Experimental Gallery, Children's Museum, Seattle, Washington
Chapter 11: Delancey Street, San Francisco, California
Chapter 12: PAL (Pets, Animals, Love), Washington, D.C.
Chapter 13: Summit House, Greensboro, North Carolina
Chapter 14: MAP (Moving Ahead Program), St. Francis House, Boston
Chapter 15: Women's Prison Association, New York City
Chapter 16: Bliss Unlimited, Glendale, California
Chapter 17: The Program for Female Offenders, Pittsburgh, PA
Chapter 18: Reflections on Case Studies
Section 4: Lessons, Recommendations, and Reflections
Chapter 19: Lessons for Social Work Practice
Chapter 20: Lessons for Social Work Education
When it comes to social work practice in community outreach programs, in juvenile detention centres, in prisons, in parole and probation programs, and in the inner cities, Melvin Delgado asks the question: Where are all the young men and women of color? Although many urban residents, especially persons of color, are or have been involved in the juvenile and/or criminal justice system, the topic of criminal offenders and ex-offenders has been much neglected by the human services literature. This book stands as the only work to discuss correctional supervision and the needs of individuals in a nonprescriptive manner, marking a shift toward a capacity enhancement, or strengths perspective, approach -- specifically what are the strengths of individuals and how can they capitalize on them? Delgado includes a section of reflections from the field that applies capacity enhancement principles and methods to case studies.
Autor: Melvin Delgado
Melvin Delgado

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Autor: Melvin Delgado
ISBN-13 :: 9780231120401
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