Religion and State: The Muslim Approach to Politics

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Is the Islam of today "the one true way"?
Part One The Heritage
1. Setting the Stage: Islam and the Muslims
2. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in Comparative Perspective: An Overview
3. Muslim "Church Government"
4. The Historical Bases of Traditional Muslim and Christian Political Theory
5. Unity and Community
6. The Roots of Political Pessimism
7. Muslim Attitudes Toward the State: An Impressionistic Sketch
Part Two Convulsions of Modern Times
8. Islam and Politics in Modern Times: The Great Transformation
9. Meeting the Western Challenge: The Early Establishment Response
10. The Early Antiestablishment Response to the Western Challenge
11. From World War I to the 1960s: The Years of Muted Islamist Politics
12. The Return of Islam?
13. The Radical Muslim Discourse
14. Al-Banna, Mawdudi, and Qutb
15. Khomeini and Shi'ite Islamism
Islam and Politics Past and Present: A Bibliographical Essay
Works Cited
If Westerners know a single Islamic term, it is likely to be jihad, the Arabic word for "holy war." The image of Islam as an inherently aggressive and xenophobic religion has long prevailed in the West and can at times appear to be substantiated by current events. L. Carl Brown challenges this conventional wisdom with a fascinating historical overview of the relationship between religious and political life in the Muslim world ranging from Islam's early centuries to the present day.
Autor: L. Brown
L. Carl Brown

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Autor: L. Brown
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