The New American Interventionism: Essays from Political Science Quarterly

Power, Conflict, & Democracy:
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1. Defining Moment: The Threat and Use of Force in American Foreign Policy, by Barry Blechman and Tamara C. Wittes
2. A New Imperial Presidency? Lessons from United States Involvment in Bosnia, by William C. Banks and Jeffrey D. Straussman
3. Public Support for Peacekeeping in Lebanon and Somalia: Assessing the Casualties Hypothesis, by James Burk
4. The Stinger Missile and Lessons of U.S. Intervention in Afghanistan, by Alan J. Kuperman
5. The Panama Invasion Revisited: Lessons for American Use of Force in the Post Cold War Era, by Eytan Gilboa
6. "Disobedient" General and the Politics of Redemocratization: The Clinton Administration and Haiti, by Morris Morley and Chris McGillon
7. The U.S. Role in South Korean Democratization, by James Fowler
8. Mission Impossible: Creating a Grand Strategy for Interventionism, by Robert Jervis
Intervention is as American as apple pie, writes Robert Jervis in the introduction to this book. Illustrating this proposition, twelve authorities draw a general portrait of American military intervention since the end of the cold war by examining specific interventions: Bosnia, Lebanon, Somalia, Afghanistan, Panama, Haiti, the Gulf War, and South Korea. In the process, this book focuses on the great complexity involved when deciding to enter a conflict; the almost universal circumvention of congressional authority; the ineffectualness of "pinprick" air strikes; and the essentially ad hoc nature of military deployment since the cold war.
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