Life's Intrinsic Value: Science, Ethics, and Nature

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1. The Psychological View of Intrinsic Value
2. Science's Bridge from Nature to Value
3. Overlapping Kinds and Value
4. Recent Defenses of Biocentrism
5. A Morally Specialized Account of Life
6. The Contents of Biopreferences
7. Species and Ecosystems
8. An Impossible Ethic?
Are bacteriophage T4 and the long-nosed elephant fish valuable in their own right? Nicholas Agar defends an affirmative answer to this question by arguing that anything living is intrinsically valuable. This claim challenges received ethical wisdom according to which only human beings are valuable in themselves. The resulting biocentric or life-centered morality forms the platform for an ethic of the environment.
Autor: Nicholas Agar
Nicholas Agar

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Autor: Nicholas Agar
ISBN-13 :: 9780231117876
ISBN: 0231117876
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.05.2001
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