The Columbia Guide to Asian American History

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A comprehensive reference to a burgeoning area of study by a top scholar in the field
Part 1: Narrative Overview
1. Narrative History
2. Periodization
Part 2: Historical Debates
1. Hawaii's Population Before European Contact
2. Hawaiians and Captain James Cook
3. Migration
4. The Anti-Chinese Movement
5. America's Concentration Camps
Part 3: Emerging Themes
1. Space
2. Women and Gender
3. The law
4. Japanese American Resistance
Part 4: Chronology
Part 5: Historiography and Resources
Offering a rich and insightful road map of Asian American history as it has evolved over more than 200 years, this book marks the first systematic attempt to take stock of this field of study. It examines, comments, and questions the changing assumptions and contexts underlying the experiences and contributions of an incredibly diverse population of Americans. Arriving and settling in this nation as early as the 1790s, with American-born generations stretching back more than a century, Asian Americans have become an integral part of the American experience; this cleverly organized book marks the trajectory of that journey, offering researchers invaluable information and interpretation.
Autor: Gary Okihiro
Gary Y. Okihiro

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Autor: Gary Okihiro
ISBN-13 :: 9780231115100
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