Groups That Work: Structure and Process

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Working in Groups
Frames of Reference for Understanding Work Groups
Toward a Model of Working Groups
The Democratic Microcosm
Leadership Theory
Leadership in Working Groups
Leadership and Contexts
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Stages/Phases of Group Development
Teams and Team Building
Organizational Settings and Styles
Technologies for Group Maintenance, Operation, and Productivity
Recurring Problems in Groups and Suggested Staff Responses
Perspectives for Professional Practice with Working Groups
Tables and Figures
Social workers, planners, health professionals, and human-service administrators spend much of their time in meetings, working in and with groups. What meaning does participation in these groups have for members? Some of the events that are most important for members of the various professions, and those whom they serve, take place within these groups. Health and human services depend upon their working groups for their development and allocation of resources, their standards of quality, and the evaluation of their success or failure. In short, these groups are relied upon to come up with creative solutions to complex problems.
Autor: Paul Ephross, Thomas Vassil
Paul H. Ephross and Thomas V. Vassil

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Autor: Paul Ephross
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