Journalism and New Media

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Foreword by Seymour Topping
Introduction: Understanding the Impact of New Media on Journalism
Part I: Altering News Content
1. Transforming Storytelling: From Omnidirectional Imaging to Augmented Reality
2. Assessing the State of Online Journalism
Part II: Transforming How Journalists Do Their Work
3. New Tools for News Gathering
4. A Reporter's Field Guide to the Internet
5. Journalism Ethics and New Media
Part III: Restructuring the Newsroom and the News Industry
6. Newsroom for a New Age: Managing the Virtual Newsroom
7. Digital Television and Video News: A Crisis of Opportunity
Part IV: Redefining Relationships
8. Audiences Redefined, Boundaries Removed, Relationships Reinvented
9. Business Models for Online Journalism
Part V: Implications for the Future: The Telecommunications Act, Intelligent Agents, and Journalism Practice and Education
10. Long-Term Consequences of the Telecommunications Act of 1996: New Rules of the Game
11. Implications of Intelligent Agents for Journalism: Ghosts in the Machine
12. New Media and Journalism Education: Preparing the Next Generation
13. Job Prospects in Online Journalism
Afterword. Contextualized Journalism: Implications for the Evolving Role of Journalists in the Twenty-first Century
Ubiquitous news, global information access, instantaneous reporting, interactivity, multimedia content, extreme customization: Journalism is undergoing the most fundamental transformation since the rise of the penny press in the nineteenth century. Here is a report from the front lines on the impact and implications for journalists and the public alike.
Autor: John Pavlik
John V. Pavlik

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Autor: John Pavlik
ISBN-13 :: 9780231114837
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