Caring for Our Elders: Multicultural Experiences with Nursing Home Placement

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1. The Need for Nursing Home Placement
2. Research About Caregiving by Family and Friends
3. Earlier Years: Life Within Families and Communities
4. Changing Health, Changing Relationships
5. The Placement Process: Decisions and Transitions
6. Settling In: Adjusting to the Changes
7. Continuing to Care for Relatives in the Nursing Home
8. Who Helps Residents and Their Relatives?
Almost forty percent of American adults age sixty-five and over spend some time in a nursing home, and residents in nursing homes will be increasingly diverse racially and ethnically because of changing demographics. The decision to place a family member in a nursing home is often extremely difficult, especially when the family belongs to a group with a strong tradition of filial responsibility. Despite these realities, little has been written about the stresses families of diverse cultural backgrounds experience in making this challenging decision.
Autor: Patricia Kolb
Patricia Kolb

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Autor: Patricia Kolb
ISBN-13 :: 9780231114585
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