The Sixteen-Trillion-Dollar Mistake: How the U.S. Bungled Its National Priorities from the New Deal to the Present

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A challenge to liberals and conservatives to stop squandering our resources -- published just as federal budget hearings heat up
1. Failed National Priorities from FDR to Clinton
2. Roosevelt as Magician
3. Roosevelt's Dilemma
4. The Conservatives' Revenge
5. Truman's Nightmare
6. Truman's Bombshells
7. Eisenhower's Ambivalence and Kennedy's Obsession
8. Johnson's Policy Gluttony
9. Nixon's Megalomania
10. Reagan's Fantasies
11. Reagan's Gordian Knot
12. Bush's Myopia
13. Clinton as Backpedaler and Counterpuncher
14. Clinton Boxes with Reagan's Shadow
15. On the Magnitude of Failed National Priorities
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Choices about budget priorities are arguably the most important made by the federal government, profoundly affecting the well-being of citizens. Bruce Jansson documents how presidents from FDR to Clinton have made ill-advised choices that wasted trillions of dollars. Going beyond charges of corruption or bureaucratic waste, the book is an eye-opening exposé revealing innumerable useless projects (military as well as civilian), unnecessary tax concessions, and the use of interest payments to cover deficit spending, among other costly mistakes. Using Office of Management and Budget projections through 2004, Jansson shows how the madness continues -- and how an informed electorate can put an end to it.
Autor: Bruce Jansson
Bruce S. Jansson

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Autor: Bruce Jansson
ISBN-13 :: 9780231114332
ISBN: 0231114338
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