Working in Adversarial Relationships

Operating Effectively in Relationships Characterized by Little Trust or Support
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Aryanne Oade
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Introduces you to a valuable set of tools you can use to review how to operate more effectively with your key adversarial senior managers, peers and team members
Overview How To Use This Book  What is an Adversarial Working Relationship?: The Behaviours and Dynamics in a Relationship Characterised by Little Trust or Support  The Impact of Adversarial Behaviour at Work: The Consequences of Oppositional Behaviour for Workplace Relationships Low Trust, Low Support: The Cornerstones of an Adversarial Approach  Selective Adversarial Behaviour: Colleagues Who Sometimes Use an Adversarial Approach and Who Sometimes Don't Working with Adversarial Peers: Getting Things Done Through Influence Managing Adversarial Team Members: Confronting Counter Productive Behaviour  Reporting to an Adversarial Manager: Handling a Boss with Organisational Authority and an Adversarial Mindset Adversarial Allies: A Narrative Case Study
A highly practical and insightful book; it will help you to perform more effectively in a workplace which requires you to function effectively in predominantly adversarial relationships. Whether you work for a small, medium or large organization this book will enable you to get things done effectively in prevailingly oppositional relationships.

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