The Rise of Technological Power in the South

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X. Fu
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PART I: POLICY, STRATEGY AND CATCH-UP Innovation Strategies of Three of the BRICS: Brazil, India and China- What Can We Learn From Three Different Approaches?; C.Dahlman Technological Catch Up of the Late Comers: Implications from the BRICS; D.Nayyar China's Development Model: An Alternative Strategy for Technological Catch-Up; X.Liu Science and Technology Policy in South Africa: A Critical Assessment of Past Performance and of Proposed Future Directions; D.Kaplan The Changing Geography of Innovation Activities: What do Patent Indicators Imply?; X.Li  & Y.Pai PART II: INNOVATION SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGICAL CAPABILITES The Finance of Innovative Investment in Emerging Economies; J.Mayer A Comprehensive Model of Technological Learning: Empirical Research on Chinese Manufacturing Sector; J.Chen, X.Pu  & H.Shen The Innovation of SMEs and Development of Industrial Clusters in China: The Case of Yiwu Socks Cluster; W.Jinmin PART III: FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER FDI, R&D and Innovation in the Chinese Automobile Industry; F.Chen & P.Mohnen Role of Foreign Direct Investments in the Development of Innovative Capacity- Case of Russian Companies; J.Väätänen , D.Podmentina & M.Aleksandrova Human Capital and Technological Spillovers from FDI in the Chinese Regions: a Threshold Approach; M.Fu  & T.Li Third World multinationals and South-South FDI; T.Fredriksson PART IV: TECHNOLOGY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Technological Competences in Sustainable Technologies in the BRICS Countries; R.Walz Information and Communications Technologies for Integration and Development: A Comparative Study of South Africa and Brazil in their Regional Contexts; P.Akpan-Obong  & M.C.Parmentier Sustainability of Technology-intensive Social Innovation in India: the Role of Absorptive Capacity and Complementary Assets; X.Fu & C.Polzin Market Oriented Reforms, Domestic Technological Capabilities and Economic Development in Latin America; J.Katz Conclusions; L.Soete & X.Fu
This book explores the drivers of technological upgrading and catch-up in the emerging economies, paying specific attention to technology and innovation policies, national innovation systems, the role of foreign direct investment and small and medium enterprises. It provides practical implications for other developing countries.

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