The Palgrave Handbook of Spirituality and Business

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L. Bouckaert
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Summarizes the most important issues, approaches and models in the field of spiritually in business, economics and society
Introduction Spirituality and Business; L.Bouckaert  & L.Zsolnai PART I: THE NATURE OF SPIRITUALITY Religion and Spirituality in Doing Business; P.De Blot Spirituality and Rationality; L.Bouckaert Neuroscience of Spirituality; A.Newberg  Transpersonal Psychology; J.Drew Moral Agency and Spiritual Intelligence; L.Zsolnai Gender and Spirituality; V.Draulans Critique as a Notion of Spirituality; S.Langenberg PART II: SPIRITUALLY INSPIRED ECONOMICS Aristotle and Economics; R.Allinson Indian Management Philosophy; S.Mukherjee Buddhist Economics; L.Zsolnai Confucianism and Taoism; R.Allinson Budo Philosophy; H.Oosterling Jewish Ethical Perspective on Income and Wealth Distribution; M.Pava Catholic Social Teaching; D.Mele Protestant Economic Principles and Practices; J.Wiersma Islamic Economics; F.Khan Quakers Spirituality and the Economy; L.Michaelis Personalism; L.Bouckaert Liberation Theology; E.van den Dool Schumacher's People Centered Economics; H.Opdebeeck Baha'i Perspective on Business and Organization; M.Lips-Wiersma Teaching of the Elders and its Relevance for Modern Organization; M.Bell PART III: SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROBLEMS IN SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE Spiritual Meaning of the Economic Crisis; C.Hoevel Materialistic Value-orientation; T.Kasser Avarice; S.Zamagni Globalization; J.J.Rosé & F.Lépineux Deep Ecology; K.Ims Climate Change and Spirituality; L.Michaelis Ecological Sustainability and Organizational Functioning; J.Adams Responsibility for Future Generations; L.Zsolnai Authenticity; D.Boyle Frugality; L.Bouckaert, H.Opdebeeck  & L.Zsolnai Civil Economy; S.Zamagni PART IV: BUSINESS SPIRITUALITY Spiritually-based Leadership; P.Pruzan Deep Leadership and Spirit-driven Business Organizations; G.Broekstra  & P.De Blot Transformation Management; R.Lessem  & A.Schieffer Mindfulness in Business; S.Nandram  & M.E.Borden Voicing Meaningfulness at Work; M.Lips-Wiersma  & L.Morris Multinational Companies and the Common Good; F.Lépineux  & J.J.Rosé Corporate Conscience; K.E.Goodpaster PART V: GOOD PRACTICES AND WORKING MODELS The New Role of Business in Society; O.F.Williams Self-assessment and Improvement Process for Organizations; T.Dean Maines Edgewalker Organizations; J.Neal The Economy of Communion; L.Bruni  & T.Hejj Ethical Branding; M.Thompson Fair Trade Movement; Z.Boda Ethical Banking; Clerck
A summary of the most important issues, approaches and models in the field of spirituality in business, economics and society. The Handbook of Spirituality and Business presents a comprehensive pluralistic view covering all the major religious and spiritual traditions.

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