Servant Leadership: Developments in Theory and Research
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Servant Leadership: Developments in Theory and Research

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Dirk Van Dierendonck
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PART I: POSITIONING SERVANT LEADERSHIP Servant Leadership, an Introduction; D.van Dierendonck & K.Patterson Servant Leadership and Robert K. Greenleaf's Legacy; L.Spears Opportunities and Tensions of Servant Leadership; S.Prosser Demystifying Servant Leadership; S.Sendjaya PART II: BECOMING THE SERVANT-LEADER A Modest History of the Concept of Service as Leadership in Four Religious Traditions; C.J.Bekker Servant Leadership and Love; K.Patterson Consciousness, Forgiveness, and Gratitude: The Interior of the Servant-Leader; S.R.Ferch Motivation to Serve: Understanding the Heart of the Servant-Leader and Servant Leadership Behaviors; K.-Yee Ng & C.S-K Koh PART III: BUILDING A SERVANT LEADERSHIP CULTURE The Servant Organization; J.Laub A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Servant Leadership; J.A.Irving Servant Leadership Learning Communities: Incubators for Great Places to Work; A.McGee-Cooper & D.Trammell PART IV: SERVANT-LEADERS INFLUENCE ON FOLLOWERS Servant Leadership and Follower Need Satisfaction; D.M.Mayer Enhancing Innovation and Creativity through Servant Leadership; D.van Dierendonck & L.Rook PART V: STUDYING SERVANT LEADERSHIP The Servant Leadership Assessment Instrument: A Model-based Measurement Instrument; R.Dennis, L.Kinzler-Normhei & M.C.Bocarnea The Place for Qualitative Research Methods in the Study of Servant Leadership; B.E.Winston
Servant-leadership may be the answer to the current demand for a more ethical, people-centred leadership where humility, servitude and contribution are key elements. The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of current thinking and empirical research of the determinants, underlying processes and consequences of servant leadership.

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