Governance of Public Sector Organizations

Proliferation, Autonomy and Performance
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Governance and Public Management

Examines the changes in central government organizations in European countries and beyond by focusing on the organizational forms and their effects
Reforming Public sector organizations; P.Lægreid & K.Verhoest PART I: PROLIFERATION AND SPECIALIZATION The Structural Autonomy of the Norwegian State: Increased Specialization or a Pendulum Shift?; P.Lægreid, V.W.Rolland, P.G.Roness, & J-E.Ågotnes The Agency Landscape in Hungary 2002-2006; G.Hajnal Specialization and Fragmentation in Regulatory Regimes; J.Rommel, K.Verhoest & J.Matthys PART II: AUTONOMY AND CONTROL Policy and Management Autonomy of Federal Agencies in Germany; T.Bach Explaining Autonomy in Public Agencies: the Case of Hong Kong; M.Painter, J.P.Burns  & W-H.Yee Determinants of Result-based Control in Italian Agencies; D.Barbieri, P.Fedele, D.Gall & E.Ongaro PART III: PERFORMANCE AND RESULTS The Long-run Performance of Decentralized Agencies in Québec; M-E.Quenneville, C.Laurin & N.Thibodeau Comparing Impacts of Modes of Governance; M.Van Genuchten Are Regulatory Agencies Delivering What they Promise?; M.Maggetti Performance of Public Sector Organizations: Do Managerial Tools Matter?; K.Verhoest, B.Verschuere, F.Meyers &  A.Sulle PART IV: POST-NPM AND WHOLE -OF-GOVERNMENT: INCREASED COMPLEXITY Post-PNM Responses to Disaggregation through Coordinating Horizontally and Integrating Governance; J.Halligan Increased Complexity in Public Organizations - the Challenges of Combining NPM and POST-NPM features; T.Christensen & P.Laegreid Organizing Public Sector Agencies: Challenges and Reflections; K.Verhoest & P.Laegreid
Governance of Public Sector Organizations a nalyzes recent changes in government administration by focusing on organizational forms and their effects. Contributors to this edited volume demonstrate how generations of reform result in increased complexity of government organizations, and explain this layering process with multiple theories.

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