HIV Treatment and Prevention Technologies in International Perspective
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HIV Treatment and Prevention Technologies in International Perspective

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M. Davis
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HIV Technologies; M. Davis & C. Squire Technologies of 'Participation' and 'Capacity Building' in HIV/AIDS Management in Africa: Four Case Studies; C. Campbell Technologies of Treatment: Scaling up ART in the Western Cape, South Africa;  F. Abdullah & C. Squire Integrating HIV Treatment and Prevention: Shifts in Community-based Organizing and Biopolitics in the Canadian Context;  E. Mykhalovskiy Parental Communication with Children about Sex in the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in South Africa: Cultural Appropriations of Western Parenting Expertise;  L. Wilbraham HIV Transitions: Consequences for Self in an Era of Medicalisation; P. Flowers Anti-retroviral Treatment and HIV Prevention: Perspectives from Qualitative Research with Gay Men with HIV in the UK; M. Davis Engaging in a Culture of Barebacking: Gay Men and the Risk of HIV Prevention; K. Race HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and the Complexities of Biomedical Prevention: Ontological Openness and the Prevention Assemblage; M. Rosengarten & M. Michael Particularity, Potentiation, Citizenship and Pragmatism;  M. Davis & C. Squire Bibliography
This edited collection investigates the biomedical and social technologies used to control the HIV pandemic through case studies and critical commentaries from Africa, Europe, North America and Australia. With reference to global and local complexities, the volume engages with HIV treatment access, community-based health promotion, sexual health, HIV prevention and the relations between treatment and prevention. The volume includes chapters from leading authors in their fields and takes a trans-disciplinary approach by making reference to theoretical and empirical research from sociology, psychology, cultural studies and science and technology studies, thus helping to establish new ways of understanding current and future configurations of HIV technologies.

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