The Palgrave International Handbook of Peace Studies

A Cultural Perspective
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This is the most comprehensive volume on peace studies ever to be attempted - nothing else on the market compares in either scope or breadth of international coverage
Foreword Introduction; W.Dietrich PART I: PEACE CONCEPTS IN EUROPE Beyond the Gates of Eden: Trans-rational Peaces; W.Dietrich Peace: The European Narrative; K.Koppe Pax: A Mediterranean Perspective; F.Muñoz & B.Molina Peace: A Western European Perspective; N.Young Friðr: A Northern European Perspective; E.K.Undrum Jacobsen PART II: PEACE CONCEPTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST Shalom: A Jewish Perspective; M.H.Ellis Shalom/Salaam: A Personal Palestinian Perspective; M.Fasheh Salaam: A Muslim Perspective; A.Haneef Salaam: A Sufi Perspective; U.Rehman Salaam: An Alevilik Perspective; A.Çak?r PART III: PEACE CONCEPTS IN SOUTH AND EAST ASIA Shanti: An Indian Perspective; S.V.Bharati Shi wa: A Vajrayana Buddhist Perspective; K.L.Tsomo He Ping: A Confucian Perspective; K.-P.Yu Haiwa: A Shinto Perspective; I.Anzai Buddhism and the World Peace; J.Galtung PART IV: MAORI AND NATIVE AMERICAN PEACE CONCEPTS He Taura Whiri: A Maori Perspective; P.Horsley Skennen: A North American Indian Perspective; P.Lauderdale Kayanerekowa: A Mohawk Perspective; R.Vachon Guelaguetza and Tu Chha'ia: A Zapotec Perspective of What Others Call Friendship; G.Esteva & A.Guerrero Thaq: An Andean-Amazonian Perspective; G.Rengifo V. Nengelaasekhammalhkoo: An Enlhet Perspective; H.Kalisch PART V: PEACE CONCEPTS IN AFRICA Asomdwoe: A West African Perspective; K.A.Opoku T'ùmmu: An East African Perspective; B.Gebrewold African Salaam; A.L.Sarr PART VI: PEACE THINKERS Mahatma Ghandi's Concept of Peace: A Grandson's Perspective; A.Gandhi Ghaffar Khan: Gautama Buddha of Hashtnagar; S.S.Mehdi The Inward Revolution: Aurobindo Ghose and Jiddu Krishnamurti; S.S.Kumar Peaces, a Gift of Grace, Turned into Modern Horror: Ivan Illich Visionary of the Twentieth Century; M.Kaller-Dietrich Pagans and Nomads: The Postmodern Peaces of Jean-François Lyotard and Gilles Deleuze; N.Koppensteiner NgügI wa Thiong'o: Listening for Peace and Resilience in Africa from Makerere 1962 to Asmara 2000; A.M.Almedon Intercultural Inspiration: The Life and Work of Raimon Panikkar; G.Esteva Gregory Bateson: A Practitioners' Perspective; V.Fontan Final Remarks; J.Echavarría, D.Ingruber & N.Koppensteiner Index
Thirty-four outstanding scholars write about the etymological meaning and the religious, legal and political connotations of the concept of 'peace'. They provide firm evidence to show how adopting a multi-faceted approach to 'peace' could ultimately contribute to the search for a more authentic understanding of 'peace' across the world stage.

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