Changing Corporate Governance Practices in China and Japan: Adaptations of Anglo-American Practices

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M. Nakamura
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Foreword; Pitman Potter Introduction; Masao Nakamura PART I. NEW CORPORATE GOVERNANCE PRACTICES: INSTITUTIONAL AND ECONOMIC CONSIDERATIONS The Two Models Of Corporate Governance And The Institutional Reform Of Chinese Enterprises; Peng Fei Yang How To Prevent China's Listed Companies From Making Misstatement; Xiaorong Gu Issues In The Protection Of Minority Shareholders' Rights And Interests Under China's Company Law; Shuliang Wang An Economic Perspective On Recent Corporate Governance Developments In China, With Comments On The Chapters by Peng Fei Yang, Xiaorong Gu and Shuliang Wang;  Andrew Yuen and Anming Zhang Grabbing Hand And Corporate Governance In China; Wei Chi and Yijiang Wang Corporate Governance Practices In Post-Bubble Japan: Implications Of Institutional And Legal Reforms In The 1990s And Early 2000s; Masao Nakamura Understanding M&A Wave In Japan; Yasuhiro Arikawa And Hideaki Miyajima PART II. EVOLVING CORPORATE GOVERNANCE PRACTICES: SELECTIVE ADAPTATIONS The Strange Role Of Independent Directors In A Two-Tier Board Structure Of China's Listed Companies; Jiangyu Wang Low Structure, High Ambiguity: Selective Adaptation Of International Norms Of Corporate Governance Mechanisms In China; S. H. Goo And Anne Carver Selective Adaptation Of Anglo-American Corporate Governance Practices In Japan; Masao Nakamura INDEX
A timely evaluation of rapidly globalizing governance mechanisms in China and Japan. This book looks at how corporate governance practices in these countries are adapting to Anglo-American practices, but argues that these adaptations are selective, and both countries continue to retain their own local corporate governance practices in some areas.

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