Casting Faiths

Imperialism and the Transformation of Religion in East and Southeast Asia
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T. Dubois
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Introduction: The transformation of religion in East and Southeast Asia - paradigmatic change in regional perspective; T.DuBois PART I: ORIENTALISM AND THE WESTERN RECASTING OF BUDDHISM From Thathanadaw to Therav?da Buddhism: Constructions of Religion and Religious Identity in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Myanmar; A.Kirichenko Publishing Eastern Buddhism: D.T Suzuki's journey to the West; J.Snodgrass PART II: MISSION AND MEANING IN CHRISTIANITY The Education of Annie Howe: Missionary Transformations in late Meiji Japan; R.Wollons Idols and Art: Missionary Attitudes towards Indigenous Worship and the Material Culture on Nias, Indonesia, 1904-1920; M.Tjoa-Bonatz The Virgin heads South: Northern Catholic Refugees and their Clergy in South Vietnam, 1954-64; P.Hansen PART III. STATE AND RELIGIOUS ETHNICITY The Making of Islamic Law: Local Elites and Colonial Authority in British Malaya; I.Hussin Christian Conversion and Ethnic Identity in East Kalimantan; J.Connolly Recasting Religion and Ethnicity: Tourism and Socialism in Northern Sichuan, 1992-2005; D.Sutton & X.Kang PART IV: NEW MEDIA AND NEW RELIGION Japanese media and Manchurian Cultural Community: Religion in the Shengjing Times, 1907-1944; T.DuBois Showing Faith: Exhibiting ?moto to Consumers in Early Twentieth Century Japan; N.Stalker Afterword: Questioning faiths? Casting doubts; O.Salemink
How did European imperialism shape the ideas and practices of religion in East and Southeast Asia? Casting Faiths brings together eleven scholars to show how Western law, governance, education and mission shaped the basic understanding of what religion is, and what role it should play in society.

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