The French Fifth Republic at Fifty: Beyond Stereotypes
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The French Fifth Republic at Fifty: Beyond Stereotypes

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Sylvain Brouard
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216x142x25 mm
French Politics, Society and C

France the Unexceptional; A.Appleton PART I: DECISION-MAKING INSTITUTIONS Studying the Presidency under the Fifth Republic: Past Approaches and Future Perspectives; R.Elgie Governments under the Fifth Republic: The Changing Instruments/Weapons of Executive Control; E.Grossman Gone with the Wind? The National Assembly under the Fifth Republic; E.Kerrouche The French Party System: Fifty Years of Change; N.Sauger The Constitutional Council: The Rising Regulator of French Politics; S.Brouard Defence and Armed Forces: The End of the Nuclear Monarchy?; B.Irondelle France, Europe and the World: Foreign Policy and the Political Regime of The Fifth Republic; R.Balme PART II: INSTITUTIONS AND STATE-SOCIETY RELATIONS Economic Interventionism in the Fifth Republic; B.Clift Patterns of Public Budgeting in the French Fifth Republic: From Hierarchical Control To Multi-Level Governance; F.Baumgartner , A.François & M.Foucault Rethinking Social Protection in the Fifth Republic: 'Buttressed Liberalization' in an Age of Austerity; M.Vail Local/Regional Governments and Centre-Periphery Relations in the Fifth Republic; P.le Galès & G.Pinson The Demise of Statism? Associations and the Transformation of Interest Intermediation in France; C.Woll PART III: THE REPUBLICAN UNIVERSAL MODEL AS INSTITUTION Republican Universalism Faces the Feminist Challenge: The Continuing Struggle for Gender Equality; E.Lépinard & A.Mazur Race, Racism and Anti-Discrimination in France; A.C.d'Appolina
This book addresses essential questions about the determinants and dynamics of the French political system over the long haul. Beyond 'French exceptionalism', this long term perspective allows for the mapping of key institutions of the Fifth Republic both in terms of their evolution and the complex interplay between institutions and politics.

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