Terrorism: A Critical Introduction

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Richard Jackson
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An incisive new approach to the study of terrorism which provides students with an accessible and balanced assessment of contemporary political terror and its study
Introduction.- PART I: THE STUDY OF POLITICAL TERRORISM.- The Orthodox Study of Terrorism.- Critical Approaches to Terrorism Studies.- The Cultural Construction of Terrorism.- Bringing Gender into the Study of Terrorism.- PART II: KEY ISSUES.- Conceptualizing Terrorism.- Reconsidering the Terrorism Threat.- Types of Terrorism.- Understanding State Terrorism.- The Causes of Non-State Terrorism.- Responding to Non-State Terrorism.- Assessing the War on Terror.
This innovative text provides a much-needed critical introduction to terrorism. Cutting-edge research on contemporary issues is combined with new insights into long-debated issues such as the definition of terrorism, the nature of the terrorist threat and counter-terrorism strategies. Showing that the methods we adopt as well as the material we study are vital for a clear understanding of the subject, this text goes beyond traditional IR approaches to rethink popular beliefs and assumptions about terrorism. Taking a genuinely global and integrated approach, this book is an ideal entry into the study of terrorism. In the years since 9/11, terrorism has been transformed into an issue of global significance. Terrorism and the war on terror has affected virtually every aspect of modern life, and a precise understanding of terrorism is now more important - and contentious - than ever. This text examines the origins, perceptions of, and responses to, terrorism and counter-terrorism in the contemporary world. It takes into account recent developments on the world stage as well as within - and in response to - critical terrorism studies. This text is the ultimate companion for students studying terrorism as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. It guides students step-by-step to have a deeper understanding of terrorism and a more nuanced approach to their studies.

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