Poverty Among Immigrant Children in Europe

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A. Bhalla
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List of Tables List of Figures List of Boxes Preface Acknowledgements Abbreviations PART I: CHILD POVERTY AND WELL-BEING Poverty, Deprivation and Destitution The Notions of Well-being and Ill-being A Justice-as-fairness Approach to Poverty A Capability Approach Children's Rights and Social Justice PART II: IMMIGRANT CHILD POVERTY IN EUROPE Adult Immigrants and Their Children in Europe Poverty Incidence Among Immigrants and Children Access to Education and the Labour Market The EU Approach to Child Poverty Concluding Remarks PART III: THE EUROPEAN IMMIGRATION DEBATE The Immigration Debate Family Reunification A Common Immigration Policy for Europe? Rights of Immigrants, Duties of States PART IV: IMMIGRANT CHILD POVERTY IN SWITZERLAND The Magnitude of Immigrant Population Residence Status of Foreigners Poverty Among Immigrant Children Access to Education and Employment Access to Health Services Other Indicators A Comparative Study of Immigrant Children From Former Yugoslavia, Portugal and Turkey Concluding Remarks  PART V: IMMIGRANT CHILD POVERTY IN FRANCE Immigration: Magnitude and Trends The Status of Immigrants and Their Children Poverty Among Immigrant Children Access to Education and Employment Access to Health Care The Plight of Minor Children Roma Children Concluding Remarks  PART VI: HOUSING POOR IMMIGRANT CHILDREN IN FRANCE The General Housing Situation The Housing Problems of Immigrants and Their Children Housing Aid Housing of Roma Children Concluding Remarks  PART VII: SWITZERLAND VS. FRANCE: A COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE The Immigration Policies Income and Non-income Child Poverty Social and Political Participation Discrimination and Racism Well-being of Children PART VIII: SOME CONCLUSIONS Economic, Legal and Political Status of Immigrant Children Social Justice and Immigrant Children Notes Bibliography Index
The book presents an analysis of empirical data on immigrant child poverty in the context of a controversial debate on the European migration policy, with special reference to Switzerland and France. It presents an alternative approach based on child rights and social justice.

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