Theories of Syntax: Concepts and Case Studies

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Exploring four major theories of syntax this book examines how we understand the rules and principles that govern sentence structure. With clear explanations of how different models deal with the same syntactic phenomena, the book gives students a strong context and framework for understanding syntax.
How does syntax work and how do you understand syntax? This book summarizes four major theories of syntax and illustrates syntactic phenomena through case studies drawn from seven syntactic phenomena.
Preface.- PART I: CONCEPTS OF SYNTAX.- 1. Studying Syntax.- 2. A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Syntax.- 3. Seven Syntactic Phenomena.- PART II: THEORIES OF SYNTAX.- 4. Systemic Functional Grammar.- 5. The Principles and Parameters Framework.- 6. Lexical Functional Grammar.- 7. Minimalism.- 8. Syntax and its Theories.- References.- Index.
Do you want a deeper understanding of syntax and grammar?
Theories of Syntax: Concepts and Case Studies is an indispensable student companion. Starting with basic concepts of syntax, Kuiper and Nokes then delve deeper by explaining how we understand syntactic phenomena, and show us how to use different theoretical frameworks.

Theories of Syntax:
? Explores syntactic phenomena through a scientific lens
? Shows how syntactic models are shaped by theoretical frameworks
? Summarizes four theories of syntax: Systemic Functional Grammar, the Principles and Parameters Framework, Lexical Functional Grammar and Minimalism
? Illustrates seven sets of syntactic phenomena through case studies

With questions for revision, reflection and discussion in each chapter, this is an ideal book for students who want to further their studies.
Autor: Koenraad Kuiper, Jacqui Nokes
Koenraad Kuiper and Jacqui Nokes

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Autor: Koenraad Kuiper
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Auflage 2013
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