The Realities of Work

Experiencing Work and Employment in Contemporary Society
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The Realities of Work offers students a critical take on management and the experience of work. This newly-revised edition also takes account of the effects of the Global Financial Crisis on work and employment.
Provides students with a critical and sociological approach to the examination of the experience of work, taking the perspective of the employee
Preface.- Exploring the Realities of Work.- The Changing Context of Work.- The Meaning of Work.- Time and Work.- Work Skills.- Work Routines and Skill Change.- Emotion Work.- Knowledge and Work.- Survival Strategies and Work.- Unfair Discrimination at Work.- Representation at Work.- Hidden Work.- Life and Work.- Conclusion.- Bibliography.- Index.
The Realities of Work is an essential text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of management, HRM, organization studies, employment studies and work sociology.
Autor: Mike Noon, Paul Blyton, Kevin Morrell
Mike Noon, Paul Blyton and Kevin Morrell

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Autor: Mike Noon
ISBN-13 :: 9780230213043
ISBN: 0230213049
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