Global Boards: One Desire, Many Realities

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Introduction; A P.Kakabadse & N K.Kakabadse Identifying Key Determinants of Effective Boards of Directors; A.Levrau & L.Van den Berghe International Board Evaluation: Trends and Practices; C.Pierce Governance Down-Under: An Overview of Corporate Governance in Australia; J.Cottrell The Chinese Boardroom: Roles, Dynamics and Relationships; N.Kakabadse, A.Kakabadse & C.Yang Working of the Board: Case of the International Joint Venture 'Arman', Kazakhstan; E.Osseichuk, N.Kakabadse & A.Kakabadse Turkish Chairmen: Contrasting the Art of Dialogue against the Discipline for Governance; A.Kakabadse, N.Kakabadse & O.Yavuz Boards of Steel: The Role and Contribution of the Non Executive Director (NED); N.Kakabadse, O.Tsvetkov, V.Uldatsov & A.Kakabadse How do International Joint Venture (IJV) Directors Contribute to Board Effectiveness Evidence from Practice; J.Petrovic, N.Kakabadse & A.Kakbadse The Chairman of the Board of Directors: Role and Contribution; E.O'Higgins The Recruitment and Evaluation of Boards of Directors in China; N. Kakabadse, H.Yang & R.Sanders The Imperative of Rapid Adaptation to Climate Change: Are the Lights on in the Board Room?; M.McIntosh
Providing an insightful and challenging view of board functioning, governance application and top director interaction with business and the state. Scrutiny of board practice in countries as China, Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan, establishes as many realities concerning governance and boards as there are nations, cultures, boards and directors.
Editiert von: A. Kakabadse
ANDREW KAKABADSE, Professor of International Management Development, Cranfield School of Management, UK. Andrew was the H.Smith Richardson Fellow at CCL, North Carolina, USA and is Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster; Macquarie Graduate School of Management; University Pantheon Assas, France, Thunderbird, USA and at Swinburne University, Australia. His research covers boards, top teams and the governance of governments. He has published 32 books, over 200 articles and 18 monographs.
NADA K KAKABADSE Professor in Management and Business Research and is visiting Professor at the University Pantheon Assas, France. Nada is co-editor (with Andrew Kakabadse) of the Journal of Management and Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society. Nada has published widely in areas of leadership, application of IS/IT corporations, corporate governance, government, boardroom effectivness, diversity management and ethics, including 12 books, 52 chapters in international volumes, 3 monographs and over 150 scholarly and reviewed articles.

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Autor: A. Kakabadse
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Auflage 2009
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